About us

Who are we?

Welcome To Theme Wolves

We are a young company on the verge of making a big push to the international market with slick designs and professional services . Our team is young , but continually growing in experience and constantly expanding the ways in which we can service our clients and do their products justice . Allow us to show the world the best way to present your products and expend your brand . We fully support our clients vision and we are looking for the best way to promote it and bring it to life.


Like any great thing , our work started with a passion . Mixing art and technology seemed the ideal way to express it.

Early Work

We started small with posters, banners, flyers, business cards, but saw lots of possibilities beyond that and that made us excited.

Present Time

Learning while working made things go fast, so in a short time we expended to web design and development. A whole new world of possibilities opened.


Even though our work and skills continue to grow, we still enjoy graphic design in all of its forms and will continue to do great work however big or small the task is.

Our Team

The wolves in our pack

In order to cover a wider area of services and provide the best product possible we need people who possess a different set of skill , but all share the same goal , quality work and professional services.



Young creative executive, in charge with producing the best visuals and web development for your business.



Our designer and front-end developer, is also the co-founder of our business. She loves to create modern designs and build trendy, but powerful websites.


Finance Manager

Whoever has the money has the power :). So we chose someone we trust. This way we can concentrate 100% on the artistic and functional side.


Backend Developer Collab

One of our first collaborators. Even though we continue to expand separately , we still unite for the right projects.